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Environmental writer and journalist. Founder of TDS Environmental Media. Member, Society of Environmental Journalists

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Sustainability information article

GRI Global Standards Push Momentum for Sustainable Development

GRI announced the launch of the world’s first Global Reporting Standards for sustainability reporting. These new standards give businesses large and small a common language for reporting non-financial information.

Solarpanelse356 dupont article

Heat and Beat: DuPont Calls for Real-World Testing of PV Solar

Some materials used for solar modules already in the field show high failure rates. DuPont urges more stringent accelerated sequential PV solar

Remeber teddy roosevelt article

Remember Teddy Roosevelt

When did conservation stop being conservative?

Barefoot college enel sdg compass article

Power to the People: Enel Energy and the SDG Compass

Power to the People: Enel Energy and the SDG Compas...

Thought leadership mash up article

A Culture of Thought Leadership

Within anyone is the potential to “act with thought leadership” and in so doing, even in the smallest way, influence the world and make it better.

Monarch butterfly article

Helping the Monarch Butterfly Recover

Habitat loss, herbicides and climate change have decimated Monarch butterfly populations. Tribal leaders have announced plans to restore butterfly habitat.

Global transformation climate action article

Climate Action: Steps Toward a Great Transition

As people around the world celebrate Earth Day and world leaders gather in New York to sign the Paris Agreement, 3p’s Tom Schueneman explores how a sustainable future may look.

Sdg compass cmyk blue article

GRI and the SDG Compass: Sustainability Beyond the Report

The Paris Agreement and SDGs integrate the highest aspirations of the world community, defining the path for a world in transformation. Every sector of global society is called upon to be part of the process. For CEO Michael Meehan, engaging this multi-stakeholder approach is the foundation for the future of GRI and sustainability reporting in the context of our transformative economy.

Paris agreement adopted article

COP21, the Paris Agreement and the Art of the Possible

The Paris Agreement represents a transformational shift in political will and international cooperation. Now it’s time to get to work.

Academics on the take article

Fossil Fuel Deception: Academics on the Take

A report by Greenpeace adds more evidence to a pattern of climate deception from fossil fuel companies, prompting calls for a systematic investigation.

Climate and prosperity article

Climate and Prosperity: Two Roads Converge in Paris

For far too long the challenges of global prosperity, sustainable development and climate change have shared a common ambition for a better world, but lacked a sense of context, at least in terms of a cohesive strategy aimed at integrated goals and solutions. The recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals and the upcoming COP21 climate talks in Paris culminate a historic moment in human history.

2015 07 21 sdgs article

Behind the Scenes at the Sustainable Development Goals

A conversation with UN Special Advisor Amina Mohammed on the Sustainable Development Goals...

Sailing edge of world article

Satellites in the High Country: Wild in the Anthropocene

In “Satellites in the High Country: Searching for the Wild in the Age of Man” Jason Mark explores the meaning of our connection to nature in the modern world.

Sunset 192978 1280 650x433 article

Center for Carbon Removal: Beyond Mitigation in a 2C World

Noah Deich, founder of the Center for Carbon Removal, hopes to bring a more holistic, business-centric approach to carbon removal.

Macintosh plus ewaste or second chance article

Electronics Recycling: Breaking Down Barriers to Employment

By turning electronics recycling into a social enterprise, members of the Impact Recyclers network are keeping e-waste out of landfills while helping people…